Friday, October 31, 2008

The Darndest Things

Recent conversations and daily life have produced the following remarks:

Afton in prayers:

"And thank you that is Halloween. And thank you for Halloween decorations. And thanks for Christmas decorations. Becuase some people have both Halloween and Christmas decorations. . ."
(the eager department store marketing of Christmas items during the Halloween season have Afton a little confused, but very excited)
Dallin: Mom, you like David the best.
Me: Why do you say that?
Dallin: Because he's the cutest
Me: Oh my little cutesy wootsey tootsey kiddie, blah blah blah (pinching Dallin's cheecks and giving little hugs.)
Dallin: (pushing me away). I'm GLAD Davie is the cutest.
Afton: Mom, who was the cutest at the Halloween Party? . . . . ME!
(a welcome comment after Em and I rushed to put together her requested birthday cake costume in the last hour and first half hour of the ward Halloween Party (can't be sooner than 45 min late!))
Afton: Someone thought I was a cupcake!!!!! (in disbelief.--it is important to get costume recognition details right for 4 yr olds.)
Dallin: I love kindergarten. I'm so lucky I'm in kindergarten. Afton is gonna be the next lucky one to go to kindergarten.
Dallin: Mom, I like Clarissa. She is the new girl. She looks like Sleeping Beauty except for the hair and I don't know what color her eyes are, but they might be blue. (Are there any other ways to look like Sleeping Beauty for a 5 yr old girl?)
Me: Lindsey, I love you.
Lindsey: (nodding and looking up at me) Heavenly Father luff me. Uh huh.
Dallin: Lindsey, you were the winner too, because you were on the team with Afton and I and we beat Mom and David. (to Lindsey after she fell down on the walk/race home from school and ended up being pushed in the stroller with the losing team).

Some Serious Discipline

We were really excited to move to this house. Then we found out it came fully equipped with a 10 foot time-out spot. This house was made for us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Million and One Pictures of the Parker Kids

Good buddies are invaluable. Jordan Daines took these pics of my kiddies (and me, at my protest, just not the photogenic type). We miss our little South Pas now that we are here in Gilbert, AZ, but can I just say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to a back yard, and a garage with MY OWN washer and dryer to revel in, and a culdesac where the kids play outside almost all day long, and cheap rent, and enough rooms that David doesn't have to nap in Jared's office where he wakes up every 15 min. You can't beat the weather in southern California, but again . . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway, here are the pics, by Jordan Daines, and for all my friends back in S.P., I would totally hire her, (hope you wanted a little advertising Jordan). It is HARD work to get any of my kids to cooperate in any manner whatsoever, and she managed to pull it off with all four.

Sorry, I like so many I couldn't decide which to post an posted a bunch of them.

Dallin, D.J., Deej, Deejamus Prime:

--Dallin makes me want to laugh. He has a contageous laugh, and is ideal to watch a good comedy with because his laugh makes it much funnier.

Afton, Aftie Tafties, Taffy:

--Afton makes me wonder. There are no boundaries for her imagination, and it's awesome to ask and find out where she is thinking at any random moment.

Lindsey, Lindsey Lu, Lu Lu, Lu Lu La:

--Lindsey makes me feel loved. I have to ask before I can kiss her. She usually grants my request, but she likes to specify where the kiss will occur. Sometimes on her nose, sometimes on her cheek, her arm, her knee, or wherever needs a kiss.

David, Davie, Davers, Schootch:

--David makes me feel popular. I've never had so many people, young and elderly, surrounding me as I did at church the other day, all of them gooing and gaaing at the little flirt.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The REAL Windsor SLC house.

Sorry for tricking so many of you with my last Windsor post. Here are the post recent pics of the house, just about to be posted on the MLS. We are proud of it, but Jared is as tired of it as I used to get of my school research papers just before turning them in. He just wants to be done with it. There is still some landscaping to be done, which we have complete assurance will be done this week??????
If anyone knows someone who wants a really cute little house in a darling neighborhood in SLC, and who is voting for Obama (or someone who loves to debate people who are voting for Obama, since most of the neighbors are sporting Obama signs in their yards) then this is absolutely the house for them.