Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dallin's Real and Actual Birthday

was on a Sunday. So the wild raging Saturday party had simmered down by then, but the family all pitched in to make the day special for him, (except for Davey who still assumes all clapping and smiling is dedicated just to him). Dallin, thus far, has been a fan of his close-to-Christmas birthday. Here he is with his birthday R/C car that drives up the walls and ceiling:

Just shortly before turning six Dallin reached the real rite of passage for elementary school kiddom--the losing of the first tooth. He is happy enough, and loving the Tooth Fairy kick-backs, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to welcome in the awkward large-tooth, small mouth, pre-braces days of elementary kids. It was a bit sudden for me, and I feel a bit half-hearted to see the cute little teeth go--or to see my cute little boy go.

Deej is Six! (as of Dec 21, 2008) hehe, late post.

How awesome is turning 6? So awesome that you get a one-of-a-kind Death Star birthday cake designed solely by your mom's own creative juices (and the sports ball Wilton cake pan set). So awesome that you get to have the sweetest cousins party known to Gilbert, all-inclusive with a stack o' Hot-N-Readys (sparing no expense for young taste buds), a big jar of Tostito's Salsa con Queso, a hastily glue-gunned graham cracker house for each guest, and a table brimming with sugary cracker house decor. So awesome that the place was decorated with the Star Wars Clone Wars party set and the shining (if not overly-glazed) eyes of children who had eaten a non-stop stream of anti-nutritious substances since walking in the door. ** Special thanks to Dylan Rich who provided each child with a pixie stick that was 2 1/2 ft long and 3/4 inch in diameter for our appetizers. Ya gotta buy somthin at the school store, why not 18 mega-sized pixies to start off your Christmas sugar blitz.** As you may have guessed--this party rocked! Only the best for our Dallin J. He IS sooo cool. {AND he got student of the month for being caring and got to eat lunch on the stage with the principle. Caring and Cool--quite the package.}
The Death Star kind of collapsed, but that was all well received, since it did that on the movie too.

Friday, January 9, 2009

In Another's Shoes

I have become abysmally negligent of this blog. Whenever my thoughts flitted over it's existence during the last month, I simply excused my care with the mantra "it's the holidays!" I intend to do some storytelling and picture posting from our holidays, which I will do in the very near future. But I made it a goal to post tonight, so post I will--until Jared gets back from the Redbox.
Lindsey has instigated a new game in our family. We have played it two or three times now in as many days. It begins by Lindsey telling me that I am not Mom, but that SHE is Mom. Thus, my "gentle words of guidance" to pick up the toys, cannot be adhered to at this time. The question then arises: "then who am I?" Well, I'm told, I am Lindsey, and Afton is Dallin, and Dallin is Dad and Dad is Davey, and Davey is Afton.
The game changes everyone and everything around here. Dallin (Afton) gets to ask Mom (Lindsey) if she can have more juice before dinner, and Lindsey (me) has to ask Mom (Lindsey) if she can "help" cook the beef.
The game lingered on for over an hour last night. And what was the result? Davey working until late and missing dinner. Afton making a mess of her vegetables all over her face and the kitchen floor. Dad complaining that he had to do homework (coloring the matching pictures can be rough at times). Lindsey giving a bath to Mom and Dallin while Afton stood gripping the edge of the tub, bobbing her head up and down until it was her turn. And Davey returning home from work to be corrected numerous times on what names to call whom, until just after he had them secured--at which point the game was abruptly declared adjourned until Lindsey's whim reopens the chaos next time.
Now, if that doesn't make your head spin, go read The Fox in Socks for YOUR bedtime story five times fast.