Friday, October 31, 2008

The Darndest Things

Recent conversations and daily life have produced the following remarks:

Afton in prayers:

"And thank you that is Halloween. And thank you for Halloween decorations. And thanks for Christmas decorations. Becuase some people have both Halloween and Christmas decorations. . ."
(the eager department store marketing of Christmas items during the Halloween season have Afton a little confused, but very excited)
Dallin: Mom, you like David the best.
Me: Why do you say that?
Dallin: Because he's the cutest
Me: Oh my little cutesy wootsey tootsey kiddie, blah blah blah (pinching Dallin's cheecks and giving little hugs.)
Dallin: (pushing me away). I'm GLAD Davie is the cutest.
Afton: Mom, who was the cutest at the Halloween Party? . . . . ME!
(a welcome comment after Em and I rushed to put together her requested birthday cake costume in the last hour and first half hour of the ward Halloween Party (can't be sooner than 45 min late!))
Afton: Someone thought I was a cupcake!!!!! (in disbelief.--it is important to get costume recognition details right for 4 yr olds.)
Dallin: I love kindergarten. I'm so lucky I'm in kindergarten. Afton is gonna be the next lucky one to go to kindergarten.
Dallin: Mom, I like Clarissa. She is the new girl. She looks like Sleeping Beauty except for the hair and I don't know what color her eyes are, but they might be blue. (Are there any other ways to look like Sleeping Beauty for a 5 yr old girl?)
Me: Lindsey, I love you.
Lindsey: (nodding and looking up at me) Heavenly Father luff me. Uh huh.
Dallin: Lindsey, you were the winner too, because you were on the team with Afton and I and we beat Mom and David. (to Lindsey after she fell down on the walk/race home from school and ended up being pushed in the stroller with the losing team).


Sarah Hull said...

Those are so cute! You are such an awesome mom and your kids are sure lucky to have you. I have such a testimony of writing these cute things down. It is so special to go back and read these precious moments a few years later. They just grow too fast!!!

jhoopes said...

Those are so fun and adorable! Good for you for writing them down so you can keep savoring the sweet and funny moments.

Meighan said...

I love it that you remember all those cute comments. I'm afraid I forget cute things like that too quickly. I love Lindsey's comment that Heavenly Father "luffs" her. You kids are adorable! I hope you're enjoying Arizona.

jordan said...

I loved (and not so loved) reading this! It makes me miss you guys even more! and I'm Dallin's little sleeping beauty sounds beautiful, by his description.

Frischknecht Fam said...

You'll be glad to have those on file . . . particularly for future blackmail purposes. (Every wedding video needs a few past quotes, eh?)

Kendy said...