Sunday, July 6, 2008

More amateur photos (and photo commentary) than any of you asked for.

Believe it or not, we DO do fun things together as a family and with friends. I adore getting out of the house and can get cabin-fever in two days flat. But I lack some serious photo-documentation skills. Those who know me well know that my eyes are constantly skittering around me counting heads, and my hands are endlessly bouncing babies, holding art projects, wiping mouths, toting bounteous supplies of snacks and diapers, and reaching to restrain run-away toddlers. It's enough to make a recovering drug addict nervous. So when DO I find time to grab a camera? I wish I had one permanently stapled to my forehead. As many of you know, life right now, besides being a brutal boot camp of young motherhood, is also very entertaining. Photos that I do manage to take, even a week ago, surprise me with memories that slip out of my mind as quickly as the days come roaring past. Most of these photos were taken at home (which is where I do end up taking pictures if I can get a camera before the kids move on to some other less-picture-worthy activity).

For lack of a better hat? The kids walked out modeling underwear.

Where did the ice cream go?

Down to the elbows and belly button it streams, in thick chocolate rivulets of stickiness.

Does Davie have a chance with two older sisters who think of him as the newest doll to dress up? Even in his sleep, they apparently have him tied in to prevent escape.
This boy seriously can seriously work that lower lip.
This being a fourth baby, I find myself almost mourning his growth. I can't get enough of the froggy legged naps on the couch and the baby yawns where his rubber-band wrists shake the small fists and his arms reach to their fullest--just above the length of his head.

St. Patty's Day -- Afton's timeout was induced by her hitting of Lindsey. But, seeing that Lindsey was thrilled to join the party, I couldn't stop her from obeying Afton's whispered summons. So Afton served her time with the victim. But who's keeping track of who's really the victim here?

Again--just can't get enough of these heavy cheeks and a tummy, maxing out onsie elasticity, as it rises and falls with his sleepy breathing.

A spontaneous-Saturday-morning-toilet-paper-castle-build. Followed by, nothing else but a spontaneous-Saturday-morning-toilet-paper-castle-toppling, and then lying down to rest in the rubble.

With a year-long Disneyland pass we had some good times, and to prove our parental dedication until I can dig up some better photographic evidence, these photos of a Disneyland trip with 2 week old David will have to suffice. It was a quick trip in between Jared's finals and his HUGE final project, but our passes were expiring, so we had to make a dash to Disney. Can you find the baby in the picture above?

In an unprecedented and daring request, Dallin begged to go on the are-you-out-of-your-mind-it's-only-65-degrees-river-ride, and Dad couldn't go, for some reason I forget, so I went with him and figured we'd stay dry, (we aren't too heavy), and we did stay dry, until just reaching the final bridge where Jared stood holding the camera. And he laughed while taking pictures and listening to the bridge audience gasp at the most entertaining raft soaking they'd seen in a while.

That's Dallin and I completely bent over with the water right behind us. We walked around in soggy jeans for the rest of the night. But, for our last night at Disney, we had to go out with a bang, right?

Enjoy the Mickey sucker kids, they're your last for a while.