Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prevacid, I love you!

I have to thank this medicine from the bottom of my heart. It has given me my son back. Dallin started taking it about a week ago and has been skipping around for the last couple of days giddy with a happy heart. He EATS! Tonight as I heated some left-overs in the microwave he came in the kitchen and said, "I don't like those things, but I'm going to eat them all gone!" And he did, and afterwards proclaimed that he now likes it! This is a MIRACLE, since I can't remember a night lately when he didn't walk in on my dinner preparations and say "I don't like that. I don't want that. I can't eat that."--in a whining tone! And then talking him into eating it for 20 minutes twice a day stripped me of any enjoyment from my meal as well (and I take great value in my meal times.)
Poor boy. The change in personality is big enough that he must have been feeling pretty bad with his reflux. The gastrointestinal specialist told us that if you have reflux past the age of 18 months, you will most likely have it into adulthood. I am grateful we live in the modern age of medicine.