Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summa Time

Arizona is experiencing unusually cool weather patterns. We are soaking the mid 90 degree weather in like cookies in milk. We'll take it. As much as we can get of it. I think the 90s last until this Wednesday. So we have a few more days of outside play time until 108 hits and we are slapped back inside by the heat.
I feel I'm ready however. I've got a cell phone full of friends with pools. The kids are learning to swim, put their heads under the water, doggie paddle to the edge, make backstrokes in the air while sitting on the side, and watch their mom run around while bent half over, from the edge of the pool, then down the pool stairs, then up again and around the pool circumference--6 inches from the edge the whole time, chasing a confident, little, pot bellied, dough-skinned boy.
We've got some summer get-aways in the works too, so we'll get through all right. We'll prove that we can join in with those pioneers and cave-dwelling Indians and brave the Arizona weather (with our air conditioners and cars and pools and splash parks and indoor fast-food playstructures.) No problem.