Sunday, May 31, 2009


Lindsey has at long last come to live to the ripe old age of three and live to tell about it (survival is not something we take for granted in this household). And a what a sweet, energetic and forgiving three year old she is. Granted, she rules the nursery with an iron fist, but some one's got to do it--even nursery kids have a pecking order you know.

Lindsey with her ACTUAL birthday birthday treat, (as opposed to her pseudo-birthday birthday cake, which was consumed the Saturday before the dawning of the big day.)

For days, of course, word of her upcoming pseudo-birthday birthday party event had been the primo topic of discussion between herself, Afton and I. Afton was MORE than thrilled to have another holiday to fawn over (though she did mention quite often that her upcoming birthday would be bigger, prettier and have a larger present yield. . . nonetheless, she was 100% in on the planning) and Lindsey was more than satisfied to be the center of it.

Too bad her mom decided to make the day of the party her LML (Last Minute Lucy) Achievement Day of the year. I don't even remember what I was doing the day before her party, or the day before that, but whatever it was, it was distracting enough that I convinced myself that I could handle all the party prep on the day OF the big day. Then the day came and we decided to make it an evening party and move it to the west side of the Valley to assure cousin attendance, and so I thought it might be fun to slip in a little home pedicure session for me and the girls--since we had ALL that time to wait till the evening party. After all, the party girl can't show up without a little glitz on her toes.

Needless to say, our prep time ran out and I was scrambling as usual. Fast forward a few hours and the fam and I show up at my sister, Emily's house with an unfrosted cake and a shopping list for Jared to run. The party was to start in a short 45 minutes from our arrival at Em's. So . . . naturally, 75 minutes or so later we arrive at the park to throw up the party decor and get ready to Wang Chung Tonight.
It wasn't until we were there that I realized I'd left behind/omitted from Jared's shopping list a few essential B-day party items: plates, forks, a rope to hang the pinata, wrapping paper, tape (oh no, the present was not prewrapped), and I also neglected to bring the one thing for which Lindsey had been most eager for her party: the candles! (and anything that could, in any way shape or form, cause an igniting spark for said missing candles).

So . . . . long story short, FUN party due to an incredibly forgiving 3 year old, a very relaxed group of party guests, (cousins, aunts and uncles, and a sweet grandma-in-law) and enough candy and finger-held cake for all, but decidedly not one of MY shining motherhood moments.

OK--I'll let you look at the pictures now.

Lindsey picked out one of Wal-Mart's most popular pinatas-- the rainbow burro (a.k.a. the two horned unicorn or the bicorn.)

The breaking of the pinata wasn't the usual jaunty swinging sport, but more of a grunting, stick slamming beating of the dead rat affair. (And since I had, in a moment of genius, bought suckers as a main portion of the contents, the candy didn't fare the slaying of the two horned unicorn very well either, but it was scooped hastily up in the red cups anyway and had mostly disappeared by the time we loaded up for home.)

Now, I DO realize a party with it's attendees dancing, laughing and even just hanging around holding "the red cups" might evoke a certain type of reputation. I assure you, however, this red cup party was completely on the up-and-up.

All said and done, Davey got stuck with the paper stuffing from the pinata (and a Dum-Dum he was quick enough to swipe.)
And Jake proudly mounted the bicorn head upon his own victorious head.

We can thank Tim for purchasing a gift which he was sure would produce the most trouble in the hands of our deviant geniuses Lindsey and Afton, and for drilling Afton with the fact that these WERE church toys. (and she did sneak them to Sacrament meeting by transferring them to a different bag the next day). Thanks Tim! Nothing like a well thought-out gift.

And a serious thanks to Em. She and I frosted this cake in about 30 minutes (it usually takes hours) and it turned out quite loverly.

Happy Birthday LuLu!---and to put you readers at ease, we did celebrate a la candles on her actual birthday!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Can You Crack the Code?