Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Election Day!

We had a debate at the dinner table tonight. Dallin told us he was voting for Obama (after a few questions on which one was which.) I asked why and his response was that McCain was a little fat.(?????????????)
Jared responded by referencing Arnold Schwarzenegger's remarks at a rally on Halloween for McCain:

"Every year, the first week in March, I come to Columbus Ohio and my friend Jim Norro and I we organize the Arnold’s Classic which is the greatest body building expo in the world. Now, of course, the Arnold’s Classic is all about building up the bodies and pumping up. That’s why, the next Arnold’s Classic, I want to invite Senator Obama, because he needs to do something . . . he needs to do something about those skinny legs. We’re gonna make him do some squats. And then we’re gonna go and give him some bicep curls to beef up those scrawny little arms. But we, if only we could do something about putting some meat on his ideas.”

Having skinny legs, however, didn't persuade Dallin against Obama, but when I mentioned that McCain was from here in Arizona, he became a hard, fast McCain fan. We'll see what happens tomorrow when Obama is likely to be victorious. We may see Dallin quickly jumping the McCain ship. He has remained loyal, though, for David, as he told us the other night over a chicken enchilada dinner. I had just explained to Afton that we were not eating tacos or burritos, but enchiladas. Then Dallin piped up: "Too bad David lost."
"You know, David Enchilada on American Idol."

At least Dallin will have a memorial ring from this years election. He was happy to have found this among his Halloween loot on Friday night and proudly showed me:
"Hey! I got a ring with the two guys that want to be president!"


EmilyLudlow said...

Soooo funny! I totally busted out laughing twice. I love hearing about your kids! And I absolutely love the pics from the post a couple weeks ago. I somehow missed that post. I also love the "timeout" spot. :)

Kerri said...

There are so many funny parts about this post! I would laugh out loud and then read and laugh out loud again and then read some more and still more laughing. Dallin is one hilarious kid! We miss you guys so much! Keep posting!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Oh my heck! What a character! That totally cracked me up! LOVE the Men In Black ring! :)

jhoopes said...

That is hilarious!! Dallin is so up with politics and pop culture!! Loved your fun and creative costumes, too!! Nice job on the birthday cake. I am not sure I have ever seen a birthday cake costume and it was adorable!!

Kendy said...

That ring is funny and what he thought who was on it was hilarious. My daughter too voted in school and she had voted for Obama because he was dark. Now I was adopted so my side of the family is all white but of course my husband and i aren't and she isn't. She always draws herself dark. So I had to explain to her that its not color but what they represent and say they will do. kids r fun to watch and to know that we too were once nieve and innocent.