Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pics

We met up at Em's for some homemade pizza and increasingly loud pre-trick-or-treating hype.

Back, L to R: Storm Trooper: Dylan Rich, Ghost: Brad Andrus, Strom Trooper: Nick Andrus

Front L to R: Batman: Jake Rich, Pirate Girl: Lindsey Parker, Cowboy: Conner Andrus, Buzz Lightyear: Dallin Parker, Birthday Cake: Afton Parker, Bumblebee: Spencer Andrus

Bottom: Dragon: David Parker

Just hatched from the dragon egg.

Aunt Em tames the dragon.

Birthday Cake costume (a little worn and torn by Halloween after a few parties), made of an upside-down canvas laundry bag and hat of paper plates with pipe cleaner candles.

Halloween is so much fun with cousins!

Quote of the night: "I'm not gonna say 'trick or treat' I'm gonna say 'trick or toilet!'" by Jacob Rich. And I can assure you, he stuck to that objective, and still received large amounts of candy!


jordan said...

We missed you guys trick-or-treating this year! I would have loved the see buzz, birthday cake, pirate girl and ADORABLE dragon. boo hoo for us!

Your election post made me laugh. I totally think it makes sense to vote for someone based on body size. totally.

Kendy said...

Cute pics ur children are beautiful. well heres my blog
It was fun today.
I'll see you sunday

Dallas said...

I promise I am not stalking you, I just love blogs and I found yours on Kendy's. It was fun meeting you. We should totally get together for a play date!

Megan said...

Cute costumes! Love the birthday cake. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will definitely be checking out your movie recommendations. Your family is darling - I love catching up with long-lost pals (thanks to Robyn of course).

Autumn said...

Halloween is so fun! I love your kids costumes.

Helen said...

Wow! What a bunch. You are so creative with the birthday cake costume. Love all the pics, everyone's getting so big. We are doing well here in Cali.
Miss you guys! Love and hugs to all.