Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lindsey LuLu

Lindsey's nickname just emerged on it's own, like so many nicknames do. Lindsey Lu is a natural enough variation, but the "Lu" had to be doubled, and the Lindsey dropped, and pretty soon she had the same name as the girlfriend of that nerdy guy on "Gilmore Girls."
The other day she raged at me "LEAVE ME ALONE," while in a fit of frustrated, 2 year old independence.
"Lindsey, that is not a nice thing to say." I replied.
So she looks at me, mulling over what I said, then opens her mouth, "please leave me alone mama."
We love our Lu. Two quick funny stories about LuLu:
A few months ago the Elders dropped by in the middle of the day. We chatted at the front door since Jared wasn't home. I offered them glasses of water, which they happily received due to the oppressive heat of the day. Then, before they left, I decided I could receive additional blessings by offering the missionaries a snack, so I left them to sip at their drinks while I went to dig through my makeshift pantry down the hall (which is literally 7 inches wide and 2 ft deep, a real cave, I could probably lose a jar of Costco pickles in that thing). And while I am one head and two elbows deep into the pantry digging up any snack with individual wrapping that I could find, this is what I hear:
Lindsey: "Hi!"
Elders: Some greeting I can't recall, and then, "do you want to take this glass for me?"
Lindsey: (all excited to help) "Yeah!"
Then, her little feet pattering into the kitchen and . . .
She totally threw the glass into the sink and obliterated it.
She then returns to the missionaries all happy to have helped out and I start guffawing in the pantry as I hear the missionaries' stuttered questioning of Lindsey.
When I returned to the front door with my kill from the hunt (some granola bars), the one Elder is staring at me with a white, pasty, guilt face, just knowing that he should never have trusted the 2 year old with a glass. The look on his face was so funny that it easily repaid for my grunt work cleaning up the sink.
I quickly assured him everything was fine when he questioned and sent them on their way with the bars, but his face never regained it's color. As far as Lindsey knew, she was the cutest little missionary helper they'd seen all day.

The other thing I wanted to remember was how she has been finding bugs lately. I love when it happens--it is one of my favorite shows. Several times she has come to me, SO excited.
"Look mom, my friend! Look mom, my friend! Look mom, my friend! Look mom, my friend! Look mom, my friend!" (Her little voice intonation full of pride in her love for the creature.)
She continues until I stop and kneel down to see what she has most recently befriended. It has always been a bug that is either crawled up into a ball pretending to be dead, or is dead. Because once Lindsey's friend starts to move, (or even if her hand moves and the dead bug flips over revealing more of it's buggy legs or wings) the friend is tossed into the air and the screaming starts. And it is shrill.
I'd hate to know how she treats her enemies.


jhoopes said...

What cute stories! I can't believe Lindsey is 2 already. Love the nickname Lulu, too. I love how she calls the bugs her friends. :)

jordan said...

i love that LuLu!

Frischknecht Fam said...

I can just picture little Lindsey now, her long "princess" piggy tails bobbing up and down, as she makes her way to the kitchen sink, arm cocked and ready to fire. Don't you just love the stories we moms find through our everyday "crisises?" As Todd and I frequently say, it's a good thing children are cute . . .

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Thanks for the laugh - I needed that.

And thanks for reminding me to see the humor in parenting. It's much healthier (and way more fun) than taking ourselves too seriously. :)

Hules said...

Hey, Sarah, Wendy mentioned you were in Utah! Want to meet at thanksgiving point or something? It'd be fun to get all the kids together! We're so close to your parent's house!

The Lipman Bunch said...

I love it. You are the best mom!