Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cones Wanted

Does anyone know where I can purchase those cones that businesses use when they've just mopped the floor? "Cuidado," or some-such Spanish vocab, is printed on them, along with "Caution, Wet Floor."
Our Davie has a relentless spit-up problem, and on numerous occasions, has left some serious slipping hazards in public places. I DO let a lot of things slide, but I couldn't forgive myself if someone, especially the elderly, hit the wet slippery spot and wet flying, only to land in Davie's wet stomach contents. And although there is nothing more graceful than a mother with full-on baby Bjorn--the 4 month-old's head bobbling, doing some strange yoga position in the middle of Mervyns in order to wipe the floor with a diaper wipe that she just yanked out of the bottom of her bag (causing 3 other items from her bag to fall on the floor), I don't tend to do yoga well. I, truthfully, don't even know any real poses. And I'm pretty sure what I have done would not qualify. So I really need those cones, some telescoping ones in a diaper bag size, if possible . . . or maybe some inflatable ones would do?
I can see myself now, the mother machine that I am, pushing a stroller with a stack of possible clothing purchases on the top of the stroller sunshade, a bag of clothing returns in the bottom of the stroller, the two and four year old in the stroller eating crackers while leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail in the mall, the five year old trailing miserably while holding on to the stroller's emergency brake cord, and Davie alternately cooing at passersby and chewing on the edge of the Bjorn. Complete harmony--and then the upset occurs. Davie spits, and I, without losing a beat, simply yank out my portable cones (probably still spilling bag contents on the floor), flick to expand, and secure the area, all while circling the problem area (because if the stroller stops that is every one's cue to ask if we can buy some absolutely essential object), and I'm back on my trail without any bending, twisting, or overextending whatsoever.
So, please, comment if you know, or know of a good deal on some paper snow cone cups. Aftie has been pining to use Jared's yellow highlighter, and she should learn to write "cuidado" anyway, so we could pay her a nickle per cup colored and put her to work producing those cones. On second thought, does anyone know someone who would like to buy some caution cones? I may have a little entrepreneur lurking in me yet.


jhoopes said...

Sarah, you are an amazing writer!! I love the snow cone cup idea and I could totally picture you whipping one out when necessary and continuing on your way. The last thing you want to do is stop a loaded stroller!! :)

holly said...

so funny. I'm going to need some of those cones myself in a few months if this baby is n anything like the others.
Are you ever coming home? :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! What a brilliant idea! Even better if there was some kind of dispenser that you could just clip to the stroller handle. Safety dispensed at the push of a button. Absolutely no stopping, twisting, bending, etc required. :)