Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lunch With Dallin and Aftie

This is a quick video that Jared took of lunch one day. It has had great response from some viewers (Brad, Nick, and Dylan), so I thought I would post it for your viewing pleasure. The video explains all . . .


I'm sure our kids' annoyance with each other's eating habits is an anomaly none of you have experienced. Have you ever tried the ol' knock-on-the-table-bottom-and-see-if-someone-runs-to-answer-the-door trick that Afton pulled? It's a regular one at our house. Feel free to share in comments.


Fenima said...

Sarah, it's Fenima from WC II ward....your kids are so cute and the pic of the girls tearing the fridge apart while Jared was watching them cracked me up. Anyways, glad to find your blog.....send me an email if you are interested in checking out my blog:

StewartFam said...

What a crack up that Afton is! She likes to get Dallin going, doesn't she? Ah, the joy of sibling annoyance. It was so good to see you all a few weeks ago. Thanks for letting me crash the party. My kids and I had a great time!