Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Prophet Dear

I'd like to add my thanks to our dear prophet, President Hinckley, for his sacrifice and service. In a local Utah news interview Pres. Hinckley mentioned that it was hard for him to give up his privacy when he became such a public church figure, but that he knew it was impossible to serve the church and the world and keep his privacy, so he decided to look at all the positives and enjoy the people he was surrounded by while loving and serving us all.

When I heard him relate this, it struck me, again, that he gave so much to do what he did. He relinquished the playful, carefree days of retirement and spent every last breath living for US! What a great gift he gave in toiling for each of our souls. And he did it so kindly and happily. He inspires me, even in his death, to think a little less about Sarah, and to approach my life callings with a portion of that same selfless joy of service.

He truly deserves the rest and fruits of his labors that he now recieves with the Lord and with his family, and he will eternally be thanked for his sacrifice.

When I told Dallin of his passing, his response was simple and full of the faith and idealism of a 5 year old, "but he'll live again."
posted by Sarah


Hules said...

What a sweet tribute to President Hinckley. We actually were in Utah on our house hunting trip when we got the news. I felt such heart-warming unity as we saw all the flags in Utah county at half-mast. I felt at one point he was smiling down after completing such an incredible mission. It just won't be the same without him.

Also, Can, I just say how much I Love your blog! Your style & sense of wit has always charmed me & I just love reading about your family! Yeah, you're blogging!

jordan said...

that is so sweet. a great tribute to a great man.

I'm so glad you started your blog! it is so entertaining.

dre said...

Sarah I wanted to wish you a happy birthday today!! I hope you had a spectacular day.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I feel so grateful to have known President Hinckley, even from a distance. He inspired me to be better, without making me feel overwhelmed by everything I needed to change. He just encouraged us to stand a little taller, and be a little better. I can handle that.

Happy birthday, by the way. :)