Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Difference Between Diamonds and Fools Gold

Back in my space-toothed, Ramona Quimbly, 4th grade days, my mind became saturated with gold as Mrs. Hansen described the history-altering tale of Sutter's Mill and the California Gold Rush. That was it? Some guy found a few nuggets of gold and thus sparked one of the largest human migrations in human history? I could totally do that. I then knew I would be discovering gold during the next recess and changing history forever by sparking a 20th century stampede of modern 49ers to the Lindon Elementary schoolgrounds.
Needless to say, all these years later I have yet to unearth anything but a few planted nuggets of fools gold while panning the stream at the Museum of History. Jared…….on the other hand, HAS fulfilled his childish fancy of stumbling upon a modern treasure.
“I always thought I would find a diamond.” Jared said to me last night. “What?” I replied, “and I used to scour the elementary school ground for gold but, of course, I didn’t really FIND it.”
And that is how Jared and I prove to be on different ends of the same stick. I came to my senses by 6th grade, realized the infantile patterns of my imaginings, and turned my hopes into something to look back and laugh at.

Jared, in the meantime, kept picking up pieces of broken glass every once in a few years. Not in an obsessed metal-detector on the beach type of way, more as a semi-conscious reaction of his younger years. Over time, he learned to recognize the sharp and squared shape of cut glass. So when Jared’s ever observant radar casually detected a lone glass-like object on campus Monday night, he began a semi-conscious analyzation of it. Why is it here in a crack of a sidewalk that is always swept clean? I don’t see any sharp edges, or other pieces of glass nearby? And without another thought, he stooped and scooped it lightly into his hand.
The guy at Kay’s Jeweler was ready to give him at least $3000 in store credit for it immediately despite the chipped edge. It has an impressive score in the four Cs department, and if it wasn’t chipped would likely fetch a quick $8,000 retail.
Since this turn of events, I have been seriously reviewing myself. Not only does my lack of observational skills worry me (I can be half-way through a shopping trip and suddenly discover Lindsey's tomato sauce handprint half-way down my shirt), but also my lack of childlike optimism. Have I given up on all my big ridiculous dreams? What about all my little ridiculous dreams? If Jared can find a diamond, maybe I COULD discover an unknown continent and win the national jump roping championships.
Please comment and share your deepest, funniest, most secret childhood dreams. Are you still giving them a go?

PS. If you know of anyone who lost a diamond on USC campus, call and let us know the shape and carat count, and we’ll reluctantly relinquish it to the owner.

Posted by Sarah


jordan said...

wow, what luck. and even for Valentines!

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I've toyed with the idea of publishing a book for years now. Since the thought has endured this long I'll probably end up doing it one of these days.

Whether anyone will actually read it is another story . . .

Anonymous said...

A childhood dream? Move back to Idaho and run a ranch. Doesn't that sound wonderful!


holly said...

Can I really tell my childhood dreams?
Ok---I always wanted to be an I got older I thought about children's books. No, that is not being pursued at the moment. Too bad though.