Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Talk

Dallin informed me of something the other day.
"Mom, I'm going to be talking like a baby to our new brother when he comes, because Brad does it to his new baby sister and she really likes it."
I think it's a great idea.
Dallin may not remember this himself, since Lindsey was born almost a full 2 years ago, and the infant years of both he and Afton have long since sludged down his memory drain, but he was born to one of the worst baby talkers known to mankind.
I am a self-confessed, hopeless, helpless, and incurable baby talker.
I had no intentions of being this way. I had always heard, like every mother does, that you should talk in regular tones and word structures to babies so that they can learn to speak correctly. Having fully grasped on to this concept, I was fully planning on correctly and responsibly doing just that.
But when my first-born off-spring was placed into my hands at the hospital, all my best laid plans vaporized. Words emerged dripped with honey, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. Now, 3.8 children later, and much to the dismay of anyone who has witnessed my previous displays of language distortions and pitch abnormalities, I have no good intentions for this upcoming child whatsoever. His speech may be permantly altered. And so be it.
Dallin, Afton, Lindsey and I will be goo-gaaing at him with all our full mights.
How do you feel about baby-talking? Please comment and share.

Posted by Sarah


The Proctor Group said...

Love your blog and yes I am a baby talker. I can't help myself. I never wanted to be one but when they placed my little bundle of joy in my arms the only sounds that came to my mind were "goo" and "ga". Go figure...

jhoopes said...

You are so funny!! I can just hear you talking that way and I love it! You go for it. He'll be as smart and cute as the rest of your kids.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I never imagined myself being a baby talker, and sometimes I'm still amazed at how much I babble at Joy. I also make up corny, repetitive poems about things like cute baby feet and diaper changes. Yeesh. :)

Jim and Lisa said...

I learned about this in a language development class at's called motherease (I hope I'm spelling it right since it was so long ago now!) It's a very natural, motherly thing to do! :O)

sarahparker said...

Great to know that Lisa! Then not only am I defiant, but I'm kind of normal in a way too!