Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dallin's Real and Actual Birthday

was on a Sunday. So the wild raging Saturday party had simmered down by then, but the family all pitched in to make the day special for him, (except for Davey who still assumes all clapping and smiling is dedicated just to him). Dallin, thus far, has been a fan of his close-to-Christmas birthday. Here he is with his birthday R/C car that drives up the walls and ceiling:

Just shortly before turning six Dallin reached the real rite of passage for elementary school kiddom--the losing of the first tooth. He is happy enough, and loving the Tooth Fairy kick-backs, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to welcome in the awkward large-tooth, small mouth, pre-braces days of elementary kids. It was a bit sudden for me, and I feel a bit half-hearted to see the cute little teeth go--or to see my cute little boy go.


Sarah said...

amen sister about the large, oversized awkward teeth stage. It makes me nervous. I too was not prepared for this event to take place as early as it did. We've got one growing teeth and one loosing teeth! It's hard to keep up!
A big Happy Birthday to Dallin! He is such a neat kid and we sure miss having you guys over to play. Bryant and I were just talking about how fun last year was with all the USC/LDS friends.
Hope all is well!

Emily said...

I am not looking forward to my kids loosing teeth. You are right, big teeth in little mouths just scream awkwardness. But, well, Happy Birhtday to Dallin. We still have to get together. I still want to take more pictures of your kids! Hey, even if you ever want family pics, let me know! (I don't promise they will be any good, but shoot, I do promise they will be free!)

jhoopes said...

Happy birthday to Dallin! I hear ya about the teeth! The losing them part kinda grosses me out and the waiting for the new big ones makes me stress out! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dallin!!

jordan said...

AWESOME birthday party Dallin (and Sarah). I love the death star, very clever. I wish we could have been there and I wish you guys could have been at Ryder's AWESOME party. It would have made it even awsomer!