Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to The Details of Our Lives

Readers beware. I in no way guarantee any type of satisfaction from the reading/participating of this blog. But I sure hope you will read and leave comments. The conception of this blog is primarily to aid and assist my failed journaling goals. However, since it is public, feel free to stay and wonder at the ramblings of a crazy mother's mind, and the profound (over-my-head) thoughts of a budding entrepreneur--my husband--who will someday take over the world. If all else fails, I hope to entertain you with some quips from our children's latest developments--if no one else reads, we all know that grandma and grandpa will.
by Sarah


Barb said...

Loved the Blog! Sounds like the kids are following in Jared's wonderful "art" abilities. Watch that Desitin- it's the hardest to get out of carpet.

Dre said...

Sarah! I am so glad you started blogging. I am super stoked to stay in touch this way. I do hope our other friends get on board. I love your writing. I could read it all day, so witty and creative. I laughed so hard. I cannot wait to experience the artistic side of my kids. Yikes!

KennaRae said...

You have me laughing as usual, Sarah. Loved it all! I'm most impressed with the bathroom "boat ride" ~ And I thought backpacking Asia was exotic!