Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Tribute to my MaMa

Dallin was admiring my magnetized pen the other day. It is a favorite possession of mine and one that I have guarded carefully by placing it at the top of the fridge, and by quickly pulling out a pencil from the pencil cup to offer as substitute when ever the kids ask to use it.
"Who gave that to you?" Dallin asked.
"Grandma Ercanbrack" I replied.
"Your mom," he said.
"You're lucky. You have a better mom than I do." This statement of his caused me to turn from what I was doing.
"Thanks a lot, Deej," I said, knowing he wouldn't understand I was joking.
"Because I'M your mom," I said confidently, sure he would quickly amend his earlier statement.
"Yeah." he said wondering why he needed to repeat his statement to his mother who was staring so intently, "You're lucky, you have a better mom than I do."
Ouch! That one hurt! Of course I knew I wouldn't be my sons second favorite person forever (His dad had quickly taken first place once I quit breast feeding him), but so soon? I thought I would at least last through kindergarten. Or maybe until kindergarten started? I guess that's just a few months away anyway, so may as well start sawing at those apron strings now. Right?
As soon as I recovered from the blow, I had to agree with him. I do have an awesome mom. He nodded in agreement at my assent, as I remembered her patiently teaching him to help wash the dishes and letting him play in the bubbles.
That night as I told Jared of Dallin's blow to my ego and he quickly assured me it was just because he loved the pen, I wondered who else Dallin would trade me in for. I'm sure Jared's mom would be another candidate, as Dallin has two great grandmas. But I can still have hope, as long as I don't count any of Dallin's aunts, uncles or grandpas, that I am Dallin's 4th favorite adult in the whole world.

I guess I'll just wait until his mission for my comeback.
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Hules said...

Sarah, You are hilarious! All these years later & you are still cracking me up. I'm sure you're the best mom in the world. He has to know in some way how good he has it to have you as his Mom. Lucky little boy.