Monday, November 9, 2009

The Missing Yosemite Video

This is the video that didn't cooperate from that last long post. If it works . . .


From the Yosemite trip with the Parkers. Special thanks to Brad for perfoming the music. If Davy ever makes it big in the entertainment industry, you'll know at what age he got the hunger for the stage.


Hules said...

Wow, you have so many cousins for your kids on his side. Do they have a lot of cousins on the Ercanbrack side too? It does look like a ton of fun! Love all the photos!

jordan said...

I love how you sum up a couple of months of amazing Parker fun in one post. I feel a little more caught up on your life... and your cute kids. I really miss you guys. We have Disneyland passes again and it's just not the same! We really want to make it out to visit you guys, say... maybe MLK day?? we'll see!

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