Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Ol' Pink Slip

Economy as it is, it's a real downer to get demoted, or, worse yet, pushed out onto the streets without a benefit to one's name. Lucky for me I was just demoted. Being demoted by your husband, though, does have it's own peculiar kind of sting. Just kidding actually. I'd better explain myself before the Big J realizes I've made another post and decides to give it a quick skimming (I'm not sure he has time for a full-minded read at this point).

The story goes like this: I was hired by Jared and his partners to do some bookeeping. As of late, the number of properties owned by the fund, and the turnover rate has increased. These are good things--but not so much for a little stay-at-home mom/completely inexperienced bookeeper who sometimes (but not ALL the time) can't decide what is for dinner until 5 o'clock anyway. Throw in a few figures to run and emergency checks to put out at 4:30 pm, and dinner doesn't happen until 7:00 that evening! Meanwhile, during those 4:30-6:00 hours, while my head is bent over reciepts and a 17 inch laptop, four scavengerous kids have ransacked the pantry, eaten half a large carton of goldfish, and left the other half on the table. A table which Davy then climbs upon and uses his height advantage to better strew the goldfish upon all kitchen surfaces in a 10 ft radius and upon those always unlucky close-to-kitchen carpet areas.

Sooo. . . . it was getting a little bad. But we really realized something had to give when several Saturday nights were spent side by side, desk by desk doing work. When long sighs, and side-long glances have more to do with impatiently waiting for your spouse to finish scanning so he can hand you back the printer line, you know something has really, really, reeeaaalllly got to give.

So the guys hired another little stay at home mom to do the job--one with experience and a handy accountant husband to refer to. And I still have a few of the accounts to work on so that I can feel important, and even better than that--I have time to blog! You lucky readers you. I am bound and determined to post some great summer pictures and stories, and maybe we'll make it to Halloween before Thanksgiving! That is my goal, lofty though it is--I'm shooting for it.


Kendy said...

Thats wonderful....its fun to work but also fun to be able to do the Job u were meant to do....and do well may i say....welcome back to the mommy world...can't wait to see more posts

Hules said...

Hey, who actually does know what they're cooking by, 5:00 anyway. Knowing you Sarah, you're a " Mom hero" compared to the rest of us:)

jordan said...

I've been waiting for a Sarah post! When I read your blog it makes me miss you guys SO much! we went to Disneyland the other day and it brought back such great memories of the Parker clan. Why did you have to move?!
and yes, it's always a good idea not to work with/for your husband. It's much better you keep up on the blog and keep me posted!

The United Statements of Merica said...

Gold Fish are like glitter! EVERYWHERE!!! You have to buy 2 times the amount that your family will actually eat.