Sunday, March 29, 2009

For the Record

Earlier this week at dinner we had an important goal setting discussion.

Dallin: "Know what I want to be when I grow up? A guy that works at the Jelly Bean Factory."
We all mumbled some admiration for his foresight between bites of grilled cheese. Jelly beans everyday--how can you go wrong.
Afton: "I want to be a mom!" -- followed by a shy look up at me.
Again, "good choice," we all agreed. And then Lindsey was queried.
Lindsey: "I'm going to be a robot that goes on your floor." (it took 2 guesses before we correctly interpreted it.)
I followed her statement with the same nodding and validation I gave the other two, but Dallin and Aft made no effort to support such a decision.
Dallin: "HOW are you going to do that?"
Lindsey: "I'm gonna go beep, beep, beep, beep, beep (with fully synchronized robotic arm and head movements)."
I guess that shut Dallin right down, because he turned to his chicken noodle soup after that and let it go, until I reopened the discussion.
Me: "So, what do you think Davy should be."
Afton: "He should work at a store."
Dallin: "Which one. . . . like Costco. . . or Target?"
Afton: "Target"
Dallin: (excited now with a new idea) "No--he should work at the pizza part of Costco--you know, with Churros and pizza!"
"And lemonade!" I piped in.
Lindsey: "Day-fee should be a robot too!"

Anyway--so the good news is, it looks like we won't be having to pay for college for anyone (except Lindsey who may need to pursue some very advanced degrees in physics, biology and physiology, etc., and even then. . . . . she may be better off with some cardboard boxes and aluminum foil). And we may also be looking forward to some jelly bean and Costco Eatery perks in the not so distant future!!! Whoo Hoo! Who said parenthood doesn't have it's rewards?!?

Afton expanded on her plans for motherhood to me the day following the above conversation. She intends to have 24 children (or 34), the first one(s) will be twin girls named Rose and Flower. They will be followed by several other sets of twins, mostly girls, with some boys thrown in. I don't believe she is planning on having any single births, but when I introduced the idea of triplets to her, she decided she is definitely going to have some of those too. Oh, and, she is going to be a NICE mom. NOT like me.
Me: "So I'm not nice?"
Afton (and Dallin threw in his agreement): "No. I'm going to let them do whatever they want."
Me: "So what if they only want to eat candy and stay up all night and watch TV."
Afton: "Oh, they can only eat healthy stuff and can only watch one TV show and . . . (she went on about not too many video games, etc)"

So I ended that conversation feeling good and certain and smug in knowing that she would be told eventually by Rose and Flower that they were going to be NICE moms too someday.


Amy Lindstrom said...

That is so funny! The Robot totally cracks me up!

So one of my friends did the cutest post. I wish her blog wasn't private so everyone could read it.

It was titled "I Have The Meanest Mom". She said that she had the meanest mom when she was growing up. Then it was followed by a whole bunch of "My Mom was so mean! My mom MADE me eat what she cooked for dinner.I'm SO LUCKY she made sure I was never hungry. She MADE me clean my room. I am so lucky she taught me to appreciate cleanliness. And a lot others.

I loved it! Jake always tells me I am so mean when I make him try everything at dinner, make him go to bed at a decent time, etc. I used to worry that he really thought I I wear it like a badge! :)

Fleming Family said...

How fun is that! What a great glimpse into your day as a mom. :)

jhoopes said...

I am totally laughing out loud, Sarah!! That is too funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

The United Statements of Merica said...

You are the best writer. I laugh out loud at all of your posts. Your kids are too funny, and it's nice to know that my kids aren't the only ones who think I'm a mean mom.
Avery "Why did Jesus give me the meanest mom?"
Lauren "You chose her Avery, you just didn't know how hard it was going to be."

holly said...

I love having those conversations with your kids about what they are going to be. Yours is great.

HAdams said...

You're going to love looking back on this post years from now. Your kids crack me up, what characters!

Kat said...

Hi Sercanbrack! I found your blog today when I was on Amy's. YAY! I'm going to spend the next 10 hours looking at all your old posts so I can feel like I know your kids and family and life. Ahhhhhh...i miss you :)