Thursday, February 5, 2009

You May Have Doubted

but I've gone and done it. The Christmas pics I pinky promised I would post. Now . . . for your viewing pleasure, I present: our family!
This is what Christmas at the Parkers------and a week with the Ercanbracks for my bro. Creighton's wedding----looks like.
(My thanks goes out to Tim and Mary who posted pics on Facebook so I could swipe a few!)

A very dark shot of our tree which was used as a hiding place, dancing partner, and a weapon (tree lights are obviously meant to be mini light-sabers), and looked much better in the dark from about Dec. 2nd on.

Showin some Andrus charm!

Afton prayed for weeks about Christmas. "Thank you that Santa is coming to town." and then afterward "thank you that we got TONZ a presents."--I love this age at Christmas.

The elephant was cast as the donkey and really made the whole thing come to life.

Davie didn't enjoy his role as the little lamb this year, as it was past his bedtime, and the cotton ball taped to his bottom didn't last long either.

I don't know how we are going to top the costumes next year. This year set a really high standard.

I have to say I was very impressed with their reverence for the nativity, and it was neat to feel of the Spirit on Christmas Eve.

Santa got a tempting spread this year! Can you tell which ones Lindsey decorated (licked), can you tell which one the Big J submitted (sprinkles).

This year Jared, er, Santa's other little helper, taught me the strategy of proper present placement throughout the room, to maximize the feeling of gift abundance on Christmas morning.

First bikes/plastic trikes that ARE called BIKES to almost 3 yr olds.

After a full day of reveling in new toys Aftie fell asleep like this in her bed.
Thank you Santie Claus, thank you--after another year of being told during every toy request at Target, "Maybe you could ask for that for Christmas," it didn't take much to help these kids feel like the luckiest kids on the block. As for me, my favorite presents were also the kid's new toys. Now (and for the next 2 months) there are fewer requests to watch TV, and more self-entertained kiddos. There is more outside play, vitamin D straight from the sun, and tired kids at the end of the day. And lest we remember just the presents this year, let's remember that our little brood, especially Deej and Afton, are understanding more and more of the meaning of the Savior's birth and how that night so long ago affects us all today.---

Then, at 2 am on the day after Christmas we woke up super early so I could get lost on the way to Utah (adding another 100 miles) for a week with my family and a beautiful wedding. Welcome to the crazy Ercanbrack way of life Michelle.

Cousin Violet let us share her celebration of 3 years with her.

There were several Dance-a-thons.

Just squeezing in a little work between the ceremony and pictures.

A romping gala with some of the High School buddies.

Bowling down at the B Y.

Bowling for burgers! I actually won (with the help of the bumpers), it was a first for me.

Genghis Khan's newest recruits. Yeah, they know how to handle a 3 ft ice cycle.


jhoopes said...

Sarah, LOVED the Christmas post! Thanks for keeping your pinky promise. :) You have such a gift--I love reading everything you write. The pictures were adorable, too. Sounds like a very fun and festive Christmas.

Meighan said...

What a fun Christmas! Your kids are at the best age for Christmas. It looks like Creighton's wedding and the week of family was lots of fun, too. I love reading your blog =)

jordan said...

AWSOME marathon post! You really made it all come together. Can't top the costumes OR the donkey (elephant).
This post in particular really made me miss you guys!

Candice Carter said...

Love the elephant.... your kids are simply delicious!! Miss your family!