Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cousins! And One Fun Filled Week.

We had my sister Mary and her 4 boys favor us with a visit, followed by Jared's sister Sandi and her 4 kids later in the week. (Maybe our January cruise advertising scheme worked.) The following pictures reveal the state of constant chaos/constant party that results with 7 kids, two chatty moms, and an oft disappearing dad, in a 2 bdrm apt for a week.

Deej hosted the Andrus boys in a howling late-night blowout in the kid's room.

Meanwhile, in mom and dad's room, Afton climbed into Lindsey's crib to watch the fascinating screen saver on my computer and have a little female slumber soiree of their own. (Lindsey was a little less enthusiastic about sharing her sleeping quarters.)

A day of free fun at Travel Town. Thanks to LA city and taxpayers alike.

The intoxication levels from this Candy Pa-Tay could likely rival those from any Rage hosted in South Pas this year! (Brad was obviously feeling rather bullish about the Easter Egg Market this year and planned accordingly with his basket size. He did end up with some great yields.)

Dallin learned the sport of small pseudo-steam engine racing from the Andrus boys, then taught it to Sandi's boys on their visit. The train engineer obviously wasn't thrilled to be challenged on his own turf.

Especially since he kept losing.

Thanks for coming everyone! And I hope this post serves to persuade rather than scare more of you into coming for a visit.